The Suzuki Harpmaster MR200 is a high quality professional instrument. It is powerful, easy to play, and well suited to both experienced players and beginners. This harmonica is made in Japan by Suzuki, who have a long established reputation for high quality instruments.

The Suzuki Harpmaster is slightly larger than some other 10 hole harmonicas. This makes it easier for beginning players to hold the harmonica and find the notes. The larger reed plates also provide extra power The Suzuki Harpmaster comes in an atractive blue plastic box.

The Suzuki Harpmaster is excellent for blues, fast tunes, as well as beautiful slow tunes like the one here.

Modern harmonicas are designed with a large opening at the back of the instrument, allowing more sound to escape. This large opening can be seen in the Suzuki Harpmaster photo. The extra space with this design prevents harmonica reeds from rattling against the cover plate sides, a problem with low notes on some older harmonica designs.

While the Suzuki Harpmaster is more expensive than a budget harmonica, it is cheaper than many other professional quality harmonicas. Despite this lower cost, there are no shorcuts in design, material or construction quality. Beginners can learn more quickly with this instrument than with a buget one, because it is easier to play. Experienced players will enjoy the capbilities of this modern harmonica.

Buy a Suzuki Harpmaster today and hear the difference in your music!