Huang Silvertone - Available in C and G

We are pleased to introduce the Huang Silvertone harmonica. This instrument is available in the key of C or the key of G. Many tunes require a G harmonica, so this instrument will allow you to play more music

The Huang Silvertone is a quality harmonica at an affordable price. The instrument was designed by the famous harmonica virtuoso Cham-ber Huang and is maunfactured in China. It has been sold widely in Western countries for many years.

The Huang Silvertone has a powerful blues sound, and is also well suited to beautiful slow tunes like the one here.

Modern harmonicas are designed with a large opening at the back of the instrument, allowing more sound to escape. The Huang Silvertone also has this large opening at the back, as shown in the photo. The extra space with this design prevents harmonica reeds from rattling against the cover plate sides, a problem with some of the cheaper budget harmonicas.

The Huang Silvertone comes with a strong red plastic box.

Buy a Huang Silvertone today! If you already have a C harmonica, then buy one in G, and enjoy the many new tunes that you will be able to play